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Consent for Medical Release, Participation, Discipline, and Use of Image

I, the parent or legal guardian of the person(s) listed on this form, certify that he/she has my full approval to participate in the Youth Ministry activities of The Hub for the period listed below. The child(ren) identified understand(s) that everyone is expected to abide by the rules and be directly responsible to the adult sponsors. The Hub Leaders assume responsibility for discipline at this activity, and if necessary, may require an attendee to leave because of misconduct or disobedience. In such an instance, The Hub will assume responsibility for returning the child home, however, the cost of transportation for returning the child home will be borne by the parents/ guardians.

I hereby also give my full permission for my child to be treated for any medical problem or accident that may arise. 

I also hereby grant The HUB/Huddle permission to use the participants image online or in print for ministry and promotional reasons by the HUB/Huddle Staff. 

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